Dana Karwas 


Party Dress is both a temporary theater and a temporary architecture, brought together by human bodeis, live performance, and the edges of our theatrical universe.

Party Dress
works across multiple scales and environments, unraveling conventional notions of space, materiality, and temporality. Party Dress has been deployed at festivals and experimental theater events in NYC, Boston, London, Caracas, and Copenhagen.

Party dress adressess the intersection of theater and architecture, extending the boundaries of both in a temporary theater (party tent) worn by five women. 

The dress apparatus starts as a bustled together garmet, that adopts the ritual of going to the theater into the performance itself; roaming the streets around the performance in the form of a procession with treats, live music, and a parade environment. 

The dress then finds its location and expands slowly with the women ascending ladders and the bustles unraveling to release the tent-like structure. Musicians enter the tent and the performance begins. The dress can fit up to twenty five  people, and has been worn by over fifty performers.  Performers and musicians are gathered cast from the location where the Party Dress will appear. 

A project in collaboration with (Karla Karwas)